Disable WordPress New User Email Notification

When a new user creates an account on a wordpress.org blog, the administrator is sent a notification email. Websites that have a large number of signups each day can generate a lot of emails announcing each new user.

I wrote a simple WordPress plugin to disable the new user notification email. Visit this plugin’s page in the official WP Plugins Directory.

Installation instructions

  1. Download disable-wp-new-user-notification.zip
  2. Decompress the file contents
  3. Upload the disable-wp-new-user-notification folder to a WordPress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins)
  4. Activate the plugin from the Administration Dashboard

21 responses to “Disable WordPress New User Email Notification”

  1. What about also also putting in the option to send the mail to another email address instead of the admin address.

    Think that would be a nice feature

  2. That’s a good idea. I would have to create a separate plugin because this one has a specific name already. My situation was just annoying–I don’t want the emails at all and I was getting 3 or 4 each day. I will give it some thought.

  3. k cool when you do please let me know. it’s not that I don’t like getting the emails. If they could be sent to an other email other than my personal email where they could be achieved that would be good. Thanks for taking the idea into consideration.

  4. I was curious if I can setup new users with this plugin without having WordPress automatically email each new user with their username and password? (I’d prefer to do this outside WordPress after testing.)

  5. Curtis:

    That’s not what this plugin does. Are you capable of modifying the plugin, or is code not your thing? You could comment out line 37 or delete lines 14 through 37 to accomplish what you want in a quick and dirty sort of way.

  6. Corey:
    Thanks for the tip, PHP is normally not my thing, from an advanced point of view anyway, but I noticed the 2nd piece I was looking for in your plugin’s code and commented the piece you referenced. It worked great — thanks again!

  7. I just setup this website and opened up user registrations and I start getting over 20 new users a day.

    It was cool and surprising initially with it being a new website then it starts to get annoying pretty quickly.

    Hope this plugin works. Thanks.

  8. Leslie:

    Enjoy! I have the same kind of site, and I am still using this plugin everday. I hope most of your new users are actual humans. : )

  9. I must say this helped me a lot.

    I discovered I have a 300 email sent/day limit with one hosting and these admin notifications reduced new users notifications to 150.

    this is a huge help.

    thanks a lot!

  10. Recently the spammers discovered my site, and I am deluged with new user registration emails. This plugin should help, but I cannot get it to recognize the log directory. Is there a trick to specifying the path name? I am a novice at WP so I may be missing something.

    Using PHP 5 and WP 3.2.1. I created a directory at the root, /spamlog, and even gave it 777 permissions but the plugin does not see it. In fact it does not even see /wp-content/plugins/user-spam-remover/log. I neglected to record the default path which had some numbers in it; a reinstallation of the plugin does not bring that default path back.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  11. Andy:

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about! This plugin doesn’t access any directory on disk. When a new user is created a function is called that sends you an email. This plugin replaces that function with an identical one just without the line of code that sends the email.

  12. I thought to write this comment as this plugin has helped our website a lot! We were receiving a lot of notification emails everyday as our website is an article directory which provides a wide range of article categories and many new authors sign up every day! Thank you for the wonderful plugin.

  13. Hi

    all this is a nice plugin, I was just wondering if everyone has found it working OK with version 3 wordpress website installs ?

    Thanks for contributing such a handy plugin to the web design community – I’m puzzled why WordPress does not include a basic option like this by default as it does not seem too complex a feature to add.

  14. @luke

    Yes, confirmed that it’s not working on WP 3.5. I am baffled as to why this isn’t a default option in WordPress.

  15. John:

    I still use this plugin actively, and I have no issues on 3.5. You might try disabling other plugins and your theme one by one to find a conflict.

  16. when i commented. i had one plugin that could have interfered (social login). I have disabled and deleted it. I am still receiving emails about new user registration.
    I feel that i may have to get custom coding and a much stronger anti spam solution.

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