WordPress Memes

This is the collection of all the WordPress memes I’ve created.

You Should Make Plugins

The West Coast Choppers meme is one of the greatest of all time. I made this for a presentation at the WordPress Lancaster meetup called How to Make a WordPress Plugin to help people get over the two biggest mental roadblocks to making their first plugin: “I don’t know PHP,” and “I don’t want to break my site.”

Is This a PHP File?

I made this for the same How to Make a WordPress Plugin presentation to help people understand that PHP start and end tags are what makes parts of a PHP file special, and there might be HTML or something else inside otherwise. This is slight meme abuse because the typical use of this image portrays our hero as naive.

But Her Editors

I made this to mock a sentence in Matt Mullenweg’s “New 5.0 Target Date” blog post that turned out to be false. I feel bad because this is trolling and a joke at his expense, but I did it.