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  • WordPress comment paging creates duplicate content

    I learned something today about WordPress that I would like to share. The “break comments into pages” feature can create duplicate content for all posts that have only a single page of comments. I made this graphic to explain exactly what happens.

  • Landing page triggers WP plugin free version

    This plugin redirects users of your WordPress website to any page you like after they publish a new post or log out. You can provide any URL, so the page can even be on a different website altogether. Landing pages can help coordinate, congratulate or incentivize users who are already interacting with your website. I […]

  • WP Plugin: Recent comments widget with excerpts

    I wrote a WordPress plugin to modify the behavior of the recent comments widget. Since WP version 2.8.0, popular widgets have been included as core functionality. I don’t like how the recent comments widget works, so I changed it. Instead of displaying the post titles that received comments, my plugin shows comment excerpts. I made […]

  • Disable WordPress New User Email Notification

    When a new user creates an account on a blog, the administrator is sent a notification email. Websites that have a large number of signups each day can generate a lot of emails announcing each new user. I wrote a simple WordPress plugin to disable the new user notification email. Visit this plugin’s page […]

  • WordPress Sidebar Stats Widget

    I wrote a WordPress plugin that displays a small collection of site stats in a sidebar widget. Here is a screen shot of sample output: Widget options screen shot The widget includes a control panel to change the title and format the HTML that is inserted before and after each numerical stat. Installation Instructions Download […]

  • Hide posts from WP home page

    Hiding posts from showing up on the home page is something I have been thinking about all week. Last night I finally dug into the WP Codex and figured out how to make it happen. Hide WordPress posts from appearing on your home page by adding their post IDs to the following array (where you […]

  • Display WP Post Category without link

    Here is a small piece of code that will display the category name of a WordPress post without a hyperlink to the category page. Typically, the category data is retrieved with the_category( ). This function is not useful for manipulating the category name in plain text. Displaying the category in plain text is easy with […]

  • WordPress latest twitter sidebar widget

    Discontinued! This plugin is dead, details here. I made a WordPress widget to display latest Twitter updates for any Twitter user in a WordPress website’s sidebar. A widget is activated just like a plugin on any “widget ready” theme and can be positioned within the sidebar using the drag and drop Widgets page in the […]

  • WordPress recently updated pages or posts

    This WordPress plugin creates a list of links to the most recently updated pages and posts on any WP website. The following image is a screen shot of the widget output. I am running this widget on this website, so forget the screen shot. Look at the sidebar on this page and you will find […]

  • No Blog Clients WordPress plugin

    I wrote a small WordPress plugin today to prevent these link elements from showing up in the header of my websites: <link rel=”EditURI” type=”application/rsd+xml” title=”RSD” href=”WPURL/xmlrpc.php?rsd” /> <link rel=”wlwmanifest” type=”application/wlwmanifest+xml” href=”WPURL/wp-includes/wlwmanifest.xml” /> The first of these link elements instruct blog clients where to find the WordPress XML-RPC interface via really simple discovery (RSD). The second […]