Landing page triggers WordPress plugin

This plugin redirects visitors of a WordPress website to a specific URL after they leave a comment, publish a post, login or logout. I wrote this plugin for the same reason I have written others. I need its features.


Purpose of this functionality:

  • Show users a custom page as soon as they log in to their account
  • Redirect commenters to a landing page with upgrade options or ads
  • Thank contributors immediately after they publish a new post
  • Remind users that just logged out about a deal that expires soon


Control panel screen shot:

Click to view full size


Link to WordPress format readme.txt file:



Link to demo site running the plugin:

Click here


Important things about buying this plugin

  • There is no immediate download available yet. When you buy this plugin, I will email you a zip file.
  • This plugin is not free. I want 6$ USD for each download. Once you buy the plugin, use it on as many of your sites that you want.
  • PayPal only for now, simply because I already have an account there.

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