I made a Keyword Multiplier

While revamping a PPC advertising account last week, I discovered the lack of a convenient keyword multiplier. I am sure there is some fancy pants way of combining keyword lists in a spreadsheet application, but I find no fun in writing macros for some piece of software.

I installed the Google Adwords desktop editor because it has a built-in keyword multiplier. It sucks. The Goo’s multiplier only combines three lists at a time, and I wanted four. It also automatically removes keywords that have low Google search volume, so if you are using their tool for any other purpose it is rather useless.

I made my own keyword multiplier, and you can use it, too. Please try it out, and let me know if you find it to be a useful keyword tool.

Keyword Multiplier Features

  • Fast, easy and web-based
  • Apply PPC match types to result lists
  • No uploading your keywords to a third party

Try it yourself!

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  1. hi
    i know there are a lot other tools on this topic
    like semrush for instance
    what can you say about it? ..

  2. i haven’t used the tool you mention. i don’t do a lot of PPC, so this was more of a fun coding project for me than something that can compete with a more focused effort.

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