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Terms and definitions

BDC Business Development Center, Bottom Dead Center

CAPS Stands for Credit Approval Processing System. This service is provided to dealers by Credit Acceptance Corporation. A dealer’s inventory is submitted via a data feed, and the CAPS system books the vehicles and provides dealers with information to help make financing decisions based on profit estimates (helps dealers desk deals).

CEL Check Engine Light

CL Craigslist

CMS Content Management System

CSV Comma Separated Values describes a text file that contains records of information. Each row in the file is made up of multiple values that are delimited by commas. VIN,Make,Model,Color. CSV files are often used during a data feed transfer.

curbstoner An unlicensed car dealer.

CSI Customer Satisfaction Index (or indicator)

data feed A data feed is an electronic transmission of inventory data from one server to another. Sometimes called uploads or exports, and usually to streamline data to third party advertisers like Autotrader, Cars or Autobytel.

delimited data Delimited data is information organized into segments by a separating character. Data that is delimited by comma is called comma separated values, or CSV. Tables of information can be stored in a delimited format and easily imported into databases and spreadsheet applications.

desking Desking a deal refers to matching a customer with a financing source that makes the dealer the most profit. Deal desking software exists; computer programs are commonly used to compute finance combinations.

DMM Dealer Marketing Magazine, a monthly publication of DealerMark available by subscription or free download.

DMS A Dealership Management System is computer software that organizes a dealership’s information.

domain name A website address that consists of a host name (the part before the dot) and a two or three character top level domain. Example:

f&i Finance & insurance refers to the calculation and paperwork labor involved with a vehicle sale.

full tag agent A dealership that can notarize and process title work for its own sales.

GM General Motors

HTML Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol

ISM Internet Sales Manager

ISP Internet Service Provider

link building A website marketing technique that consists of creating inbound links to a website to increase web traffic and popularity.

NHTSA The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is part of the United States Department of Transportation. This agency establishes standards and enforces manufacturer compliance.

NIADA The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association represents some 20,000 independent dealers in America.

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer, factory parts

payment packing Quoting a car payment higher than it needs to be to satisfy the loan in order to increase profits and bundle “extras” into the sale. A customer can only be misled into this type of agreement if financing is obtained through the dealer.

PPC Pay Per Click

PSD Photoshop Document

RBLT Rebuilt

SEM Search engine marketing is the act of designing and promoting a website to deliver traffic from search engines.

SEO Search engine optimization is the act of designing or editing a website and its content to be crawlable and properly indexed by search engine robots.

UCDM Used Car Dealer Magazine, a monthly NIADA publication available by subscription or free download.

URL A Uniform Resource Locator is a world wide web site address that defines the location of an object. Example:

VIN A vehicle identification number is a unique identifier that is assigned to all automobiles when they are manufactured. In the 1980’s, the NTHSA began requiring that VINs be 17 characters in length.

YGM You’ve Got Mail