Category: Tools

  • Convert alphabetical Google Sheet column names to numbers

    Lately, I’ve been working with large Google spreadsheets that have many columns. When you write QUERY statements to pull data from one sheet into another, you have to use Col1, Col2, Col3 column names instead of A, B, and C. It’s hard enough to remember the letter O is the 15th letter of the alphabet. […]

  • gif2frames.exe: Extract frames from an animated GIF

    I built a Windows 32 bit command line executable, gif2frames.exe. (Go to download) This tool will take an animated GIF image file and save a separate static image for each frame in PNG, BMP or JPG format. The reason GIFs are useful is because the files can be optimized to reduce the size on disk. […]

  • I made a Keyword Multiplier

    While revamping a PPC advertising account last week, I discovered the lack of a convenient keyword multiplier. I am sure there is some fancy pants way of combining keyword lists in a spreadsheet application, but I find no fun in writing macros for some piece of software. I installed the Google Adwords desktop editor because […]

  • Calculate days receivable

    The amount of time that elapses between a sale and receipt of payment for that sale provides information about the financial structure of a company, including how the company manages its receivables. Calculating days receivable, or the average number of days sales are outstanding, is easy now with this calculator: Days Receivable Calculator Days receivable […]