PHP4 Friendly htmlspecialchars_decode

I needed to use the PHP function htmlspecialchars_decode( ) for a WordPress widget I am making. This function is built into PHP versions 5.1.0 and greater and is used to convert special HTML entities to characters. As defined, htmlspecialchars_decode( ) is the opposite of htmlspecialchars( ). Someone named Thomas commented on the PHP man page to point out a flaw in the definition. He also provides some code, which I have only modified slightly below to check function_exists( ).

if ( !function_exists('htmlspecialchars_decode') ){
    function htmlspecialchars_decode($string,$style=ENT_COMPAT)
        $translation = array_flip(get_html_translation_table(HTML_SPECIALCHARS,$style));
        if($style === ENT_QUOTES){ $translation['''] = '\''; }
        return strtr($string,$translation);


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  1. Ken:


    I am not sure what you mean. The purpose of this function is to handle special characters in URLs, not plain text.

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