TP-Link Deco Mesh Wifi Setup on Xfinity

While trying to setup TP-Link Deco mesh wifi devices, I found that it was easy to plug one of the devices into my existing wifi router. The Deco creates its own wifi network, however, instead of boosting the signal where it was plugged in.

Problem: Light Turned Red

I tried to replace my router with the Deco, and I ran into a problem. The light turned red after creating the Wi-Fi name and password.


On Xfinity, the correct IPTV/VLAN settings are:

  • Turn on IPTV/VLAN
  • Connection type Dynamic IP
  • Mode Bridge

Where to input these settings

  1. Open the Deco app
  2. Navigate to More -> Advanced -> IPTV/VLAN

This helped me configure my TP-Link Deco Mesh W3600 devices, but may work for other wifi networks using Xfinity internet.


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