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  • Migrate Specific WordPress Posts or Attachments

    Migrate Specific Posts or Attachments With a Third WordPress Install Duplicate the Site and Delete Posts That Won’t Move The Built-in Tools > Export Feature Preserves Post IDs An easy way to move WordPress content from one site to another is with the built-in XML import and export scripts located under the Tools menu. This […]

  • Extract WordPress databases and files with exfil

    I have written and released a bash script that extracts WordPress websites and updates their local copies in my computer. It’s called exfil, it’s free and open-source, and lives on Github at To celebrate it’s release, I demoed exfil at the August 2020 virtual meetup, “What I’ve Learned Since Lockdowns Started”. I plan […]

  • Nginx Configuration Files for Laravel Valet

    I switched to Laravel Valet for local WordPress development on my Macbook in December 2019. I love it. I presented at January’s WordPress Lancaster meetup about how and why I made the move. This week, I’ve written some code that protects uploads to the WordPress Media Library. (Did you know that anyone can view uploads […]

  • Customizing a Durgod Keyboard for macOS

    I recently bought my first mechanical keyboard. The COVID-19 pandemic means I’m switching between my Macbook and a Windows machine throughout the week at the same desk, and while I was comfortable typing on the Macbook, this HP Spectre keyboard and I do not get along. The differences in shortcuts for copy and paste alone […]

  • Show Attachments on The Events Calendar

    Out of the box, The Events Calendar plugin for WordPress is amazing and a pleasure to work with as a developer. However, it does not show users Media Library uploads that are attached to event posts. I made a plugin to bring this functionality to the Single Event view, it’s free and open-source, and you […]

  • How to Delete Meta Fields with the WordPress REST API

    As of this writing, it is not possible to delete a meta value using the WordPress REST API. Post meta updates must be communicated while inserting and updating post objects, and the only way to “remove” meta fields is to write blank values over their current values. I wrote a free and open-source plugin to […]

  • Azure External Tables: Please verify that the shards are accessible

    Are you getting this error from Azure SQL Server? Login failed on Please verify that the shards are accessible and that the credential information affiliated with external data source ExternalDataSourceName is correct. When I ran into this error while migrating a SQL Server instance to Azure and designing External Tables, it was because the […]

  • How to fix “Computed columns are not supported with external tables for sharded data.”

    This post was written the first day I encountered this error on Azure SQL Server because I could not find any web page that contained this error message. If you’re getting the error, Computed columns are not supported with external tables for sharded data. while trying to create External Tables, remove the computed column definitions. […]

  • Solving a Confusing MigrationBlocker While Moving to Azure SQL Database

    This week, I’m altering functions and stored procedures in a SQL Server 2008 database so that it can be migrated to Azure. The Data Migration Assistant does a great job of generating reports identifying MigrationBlockers, but one type of error was vague enough to confuse me for a few minutes. Here’s an example of that […]

  • Homebrew Competition 2019

    Homebrew Competition 2019

    Beer in the streets raises $103k for local charities. 11×17.

  • Hiding Specific Terms When Creating or Editing Posts

    The WordPress block editor uses the REST API to manipulate all information in the post object, so hiding terms from the category, tags, or a custom taxonomy meta box can be achieved by removing those terms from REST API responses. One hook that makes this easy is the rest_{taxonomy}_collection_params filter. Here is an example that […]

  • WordPress Memes

    This is the collection of all the WordPress memes I’ve created. You Should Make Plugins Is This a PHP File? But Her Editors