Get Longitude and Latitude from Bing Maps

To get longitude and latitude coordinates from Bing Maps, follow these steps:

  1. Position the map center on your point of interest
  2. Type this into your web browser’s address bar:
  3. Hit enter or click an appropriate button to query the address

If you are using a browser with a lot of built-in security roadblocks like Internet Explorer, you may have to acknowledge security warnings before javascript code will execute.

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  1. Optionally, if you have Firebug installed in Mozilla Firefox, go to the Script tab, then in the right pane and where it says “New watch expression…” enter “map.GetCenter()” and press enter or go to the Console tab, and in the right pane enter the same and hit Run.

  2. Verne,

    If you want the converted coordinates, you’ll have to learn how to make the conversion. This page is about getting the point from Bing maps.

  3. this is a response to Verne’s question (that was unfairly suppressed):

    Well you probably mean Degrees:Minutes:Seconds…

    lets do it for lat = 37.040433507600035

    Degrees = floor(lat) = 37
    x = (lat – floor(lat))* 60
    minutes = floor(x) = 2
    y = (x-floor(x))*60
    seconds = floor(y) = 25.

    So 37.040433507600035 = 37:02:25

    You would probably want to round the seconds. If so you need to call round(y, 0) (instead of floor(y))which will return 26.

    hope this helps.

  4. Hi,

    seems like there is a new version, which does not support that request!!!

    Anyone knows an alternative way to get Lat/Long from Bing?

    many thanks,

  5. No more scripts needed !!!

    just right click after selecting the place you will get the lat and long info and you dont even want to copy manually its auto copied after a single click

  6. Hello, it is 202 nowadays but I would love to ask you for an update. Google Maps are a paid thing now so naturally, people flock to free alternatives. Will that LONG and LAT java plugin and script also work for free maps?

  7. Hi Phil, this was a solution for Bing maps, not Google. It is obsolete, however. If I type an address into Bing maps, the left hand pane shows the longitude and latitude coordinates in plain text. No tricks needed!

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