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  • How to: add images to reddit sidebar

    Here is one quick and dirty way to add an image to the sidebar of a subreddit. You must be a moderator of a subreddit in order to edit its stylesheet. Upload the image Add this CSS to the stylesheet: /* add image to the bottom of the sidebar */ .side .usertext-body{ padding-bottom: 400px; background: […]

  • Get Longitude and Latitude from Bing Maps

    To get longitude and latitude coordinates from Bing Maps, follow these steps: Position the map center on your point of interest Type this into your web browser’s address bar: javascript:map.GetCenter() Hit enter or click an appropriate button to query the address If you are using a browser with a lot of built-in security roadblocks like […]

  • How to: Stop Spam on your MediaWiki website

    This past week I deleted a few hundred wiki pages and user accounts from the MediaWiki installation our company uses to track software features and technical issues. Here is how you can stop your public MediaWiki website from becoming the victim of relentless spam bots. Limit exposure My wiki was operating smoothly for about a […]

  • How to Block Java user-agents

    A variety of user-agents that begin with “Java” are likely visiting your website. Visits providing this type of user-agent are programs created in Java by developers who did not choose to change the default user-agent string value. Here is a list of the Java user-agents I have encountered: Java/1.4.1_04 Java/1.5.0_02 Java/1.5.0_06 Java/1.5.0_14 Java/1.6.0_02 Java/1.6.0_03 Java/1.6.0_04 […]