European Bidets are a Total Let Down

I bought bidet attachments for my toilets during the pandemic. Not because there was a paper shortage, but because the reviews were great.

I went to Europe and used a few standalone, European bidets. I was not impressed. They required me to use more paper than I would with no bidet! You have to get up and move from one seat to another. Surprisingly, the $110 Tushy toilet seat attachment I’m using now is better than anything I saw in Italy. The United States truly is the greatest country in the world.

I was traveling with some non-bidet users, so I found instructions to help us where the first two steps are “1. Use the toilet” and “2. Locate and sit on the bidet.”

You want me to get up and move? No thanks.

This post is part of a series I wrote at the end of a 16-day trip to Italy in June 2024. Find all the posts about my trip here.


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