Why I hate Elementor

Elementor has infiltrated one of my jobs, and I am not a fan for a few reasons.

  1. Elementor removes the View page link from the editing experience.¬†I understand that the eyeball icon at the bottom loads the preview, and that’s fine. Anytime you save changes a post or page in WordPress, a link appears to view that live page unless you’re using Elementor. It’s almost as if Elementor has no respect for decades of WordPress workflow.
  2. Elementor doesn’t make its users better web developers.¬†I am a web developer, and naturally the disintermediation of my passion is painful. Elementor doesn’t help you learn how web pages are built. A feature of WYSIWYG editors like WordPress’ can teach HTML if users flip between the visual editor and the underlying code.

I do hate Elementor, but I’m not one to only complain. I’ve also published a code sample to demonstrate¬†How to add an additional webhook to an Elementor Form.